Social media is like a big virtual party where everyone is invited. There are endless conversations, countless opportunities to make new friends and even the potential to become famous - all with a single click.

But beware, as at any party, there are some unwritten rules to follow on social media. For example: Nobody likes the guy who hangs out his political views at every opportunity, or the one who constantly posts pictures of his food. The same goes for companies that are too offensive with advertising - no one wants to be bothered by a company that is only out to make a profit.

The best way to use social media is to see it as an opportunity to be authentic and connect with others. Share your interests, experiences, and what your business stands for, comment on posts that inspire you, interact specifically with partners and customers, and always remain respectful and friendly. Then you'll quickly realize that social media is much more than just a platform - it's a vibrant, pulsating community where you can share insights about your business, make new connections, and inspire potential employees.



What would you like? More reach? More awareness? Cooperation? Recruiting? Turnover? ......... We could go on like this forever. The fact is: the various social media are a huge playground where anything is possible.



Social media is important for businesses for a number of reasons:

  1. Increasing reach: social media platforms have billions of users around the world. By using these platforms, businesses can increase their reach and better engage with their target audience.

  2. Customer service: Social media offers businesses the opportunity to engage directly with their customers. Businesses can respond to customers' questions and concerns, creating a positive customer experience.

  3. Branding: Through social media, businesses can build and strengthen their brand. By posting content that reflects the company's values and messages, customers can build a stronger bond with the brand.

  4. Marketing: Social media is an important part of online marketing. Companies can post targeted ads and better reach their target audience.

  5. Competitiveness: In today's digital world, it is important for companies to be present on social media platforms. If a company is not active on social media, it can lose out to the competition.

Overall, social media offers businesses the opportunity to increase their reach, support customers, build their brand, engage in targeted marketing and remain competitive.


Social media is nowadays indispensable for companies and organisations that want to increase their reach and take advantage of all opportunities. Our job is to develop and implement online strategies that are tailored to the needs and goals of your customers.


Our work often starts with conducting a comprehensive analysis of our clients' target group. Based on this data, we can develop the best strategy for the social media channels that are most relevant to the target group. This can be Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, for example, but also XING, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. We then develop a content strategy that is aligned with these channels to ensure that your message is communicated in a way that appeals to your target audience.


We also ensure that content is published regularly to build an active and engaged community. This includes not only texts and images, but also videos and other forms of multimedia. In everything, it is also important to monitor the interaction with the target group and always respond to it in line with the company's philosophy to ensure that you always have a positive reputation.


Overall, our work is a combination of creativity, strategy, and commitment. It requires a deep understanding of social media and your customers' target audience, as well as the ability to react quickly to changes. Good strategy and content will help keep your business in the spotlight and get the results you want. Which results? This is always defined beforehand, of course, because there are many different desirable outcomes.



Would you like to know how it works for other customers? Get a picture of it for yourself. We'll be happy to show you a few references. They are a true look behind the scenes, and can tell you if we really are as good as we claim.

So, if you're in a decision-making situation, take some time to look around us and get to know us and our work. It could make the difference between a brilliant collaboration and a disaster.


The BALNEO started in 2021 with really difficult conditions. The conversion of the baths was very controversial among the population and politicians, and repeatedly caused bad press and sentiment. Through targeted press and social media work, we ensured, together with the operating company, that the bath now meets with an enormously positive response and reaches a broad mass.

A special challenge of the daily social media work is the division between the bath and the bistro so that both areas also have their own stage and can present great offers.


Does a farm need Instagram? But definitely! Because such a great and likeable team must be able to show what all happens on such a BIOLAND farm. Through social media, we reach different age groups and can charmingly make people more and more aware of topics like "animal welfare" and "sustainability". What is special about BIOLAND? How do the chickens live? What happens to the roosters? How does the egg get from the chicken to the supermarket?

And for the kids we have even set up an extra channel on Insta!


Even a large company can be transparent, open, likeable, and authentic. This is exactly what we show on stewe's Instagram and Facebook profiles, among others.

The very first thing to do here is to clear up dusty prejudices! Because many still have the image of a modern slave driver in their minds. Far from it!

And of course we always present jobs and a great team!

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